Nature TV return with soulful single ‘Hey Man’

Oh yes. Oh very yes. Brighton’s beloved dream-pop maestros Nature TV have a new single and it is oh so easy to love.

Nature TV have been swooning listeners with their smooth sound since 2018’s simply titled EP1. They’ve released four EPs and enjoyed a steady rise on the indie-pop scene. Today’s uber-soulful release ‘Hey Man‘ is a bit of a throwback. Perhaps born in another era, you can’t help but move with it from the get-go.

The guitar (James Hunt) is so well poised, teasing almost, between frontman Guy Bangham’s dreamy vocals. Drums (Zal Jones) conduct the flow, ticking through the ponderous lyrics along with the regulating bass (Josh Eriskin). ‘Hey Man‘, in conclusion by way of repetitive listening, oozes with the sound of a confident band fully in control of their tools.

Describing today’s release, Bangham says: “Hey Man is a song about wanting to know that the direction you’re going in life is the right one for you. Sometimes it feels like there are many things and many people in life who could lead you astray or tell you that you shouldn’t be following your passion. So this track is basically me trying to shut out all the noises and negative leeches out of my life and just keep on keeping on, even when it can be hard.”

Previous release ‘Hometown‘, a perfect indie-pop track, caught my attention and I fell in love with the band. And, once you hear ‘Hey Man‘, I’ve a feeling you will too.

Keep up with Nature TV on their website, Instagram, and Facebook where they share all their latest news and music.


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