Protomartyr: Ultimate Success Today

Detroit post-punkers Protomartyr released their fifth record, Ultimate Success Today, a few days ago. For a band forced to rush the recording of their debut record (supported by one case of beer!) Ultimate Success Today shows how far they’ve come. It explores how we live our lives, its fragility, and what a dangerous world weContinue reading “Protomartyr: Ultimate Success Today”

A musing on Muzz’s Muzz

Muzz is a three-piece indie supergroup made up of Interpol’s Paul Banks, Josh Kaufman of Bonny Light Horseman and Matt Barrick of The Walkmen. In early June they released their debut record, Muzz, an album in the making since 2015. So, was it worth the wait? For the most part, yes. Muzz has an unhurried,Continue reading “A musing on Muzz’s Muzz”

Yana releases debut EP, Distant Shore

Singer-songwriter Yana has released her debut EP Distant Shore, a powerful collection of folk songs inspired by friends and the sounds of Ireland.   Distant Shore features four carefully formed tracks, three of which, “Distant Shore”, “Will You Be There” and “Trapped In A Cage” have all been released previously and played extensively on radio. DistantContinue reading “Yana releases debut EP, Distant Shore”

Spellbound Circle excel on Escalation

Spellbound Circle is a direct, driven, prog-rock three-piece from Northern Italy. Or, as their Facebook bio describes them, “Two nice guys and a kind lady bashing strings and skins in the name of music.” I prefer my description… The band released their debut LP Escalation back in November and it’s been blowing my ears offContinue reading “Spellbound Circle excel on Escalation”

Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever: Sideways to New Italy

Two years on from 2018’s Hope Downs, Australia’s Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever returns with their sophomore record, Sideways to New Italy. Named after a village in New South Wales, Sideways to New Italy is a sunny record that sees the band stay close to home.  That’s because the main attraction of Rolling Blackouts Coastal FeverContinue reading “Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever: Sideways to New Italy”