Haley Heynderickx flourishes on I Need to Start a Garden

There are few albums as easily described as ‘beautiful’ as Haley Heynderickx’s debut I Need to Start a Garden. And yet, it’s an album that almost didn’t make it… In 2016, Heynderickx released her debut EP, Fish Eyes. The four-track collection brought such praise that the Portland native quickly set about recording her debut album.Continue reading “Haley Heynderickx flourishes on I Need to Start a Garden”

INSIDEAWAVE: Bright Windows in the Night

It’s been just under two years since INSIDEAWAVE’s first single, “Estuary/Enough” was released. Since then they’ve honed in on a sound that defines them as one of Ireland’s best indie bands. It also hasn’t been all that long since they treated us to the beautiful ‘Ivy Honey‘. Well, thankfully we didn’t have to wait too longContinue reading “INSIDEAWAVE: Bright Windows in the Night”