DITZ go all out on The Great Regression

Like any great punk album, The Great Regression is a force to be reckoned with. From tormented riffs to ambiguous lyrics, it’s an album that refuses to disappoint.

In 2019, Brighton’s DITZ were all set to release The Great Regression into the world. But then a little global pandemic came along. Not to be deterred, the band took the opportunity to pour over and tweak the album where necessary, ensuring in the process that it captured the true essence of what it is they’re all about.

Listeners of punk and post-punk may compare DITZ to the likes of IDLES, Gilla Band, Yak, and Shame, no mean feat for a band dropping their debut album. Listening to The Great Regression, it’s understandable why these comparisons would be made.

What’s so great about The Great Regression?

The strength of The Great Regression is not only its pleasing unpredictability but its observational, uncompromising lyrics. DITZ get right into it too, not letting up for a second of openers ‘Clocks’ and ‘Ded Würst’. ‘Summer of the Shark’ targets sensationalist media in the catchiest way imaginable, while standout track ‘I Am Kate Moss’, says singer Cal Francis, was written about “the separation between your visual and personal identities, particularly within the context of masculinity and femininity.”

Not an album to falter, The Great Regression continues to test your idea of comfort for the final four tracks, with ‘hehe’ and ‘No Thanks, I’m Full’ being the two most unrestricted songs on the album. They unapologetically sludge, bash, and reinvent themselves as if DITZ thought they were the last two songs they’d ever record.

Such is the force of The Great Regression that you may be left wondering whether to replay it right away or take a moment to gather yourself. Whichever option you choose, it’s only going to get better the more you hear it.

Music, merch, and more

Desperately need to get yourself a copy of The Great Regression? Check out DITZ’s website and for a bit of light social stalking, their Instagram.


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