Cork’s The Love Buzz release new single, Sainsburys

Psychedelic sensations The Love Buzz have been building a reputation for great tunes and wild shows for the last two years, and they show no signs of letting up with their new single “Sainsburys”.

Cork natives, The Love Buzz have released an EP and a single to date, garnering praise from the likes of Hotpress for their music. 

Sainsburys“, released on January 22nd, shows a more pensive and down to earth side of the band’s songwriting, and it even comes with an interesting backstory.

Songwriter Kieran Hurley says it’s based on a true story of encounters he experienced while spending the night in an English suburb; “It’s a tale of romance, jealousy and violence. The dangerous mentality of young lads is something you can miss in Ireland but it’s ever prevalent in British culture — a fish out of water story with a happy ending.”

Peace Park Cork (Nick O'Donnell)

Check out “Sainsburys” and dip into the band’s previous releases while you’re at it. 

You can see what The Love Buzz are up to over on Instagram and Facebook, and find all their music over on Spotify


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