Mark Geary returns with The Forest

Mark Geary, one of Ireland’s finest singer-songwriters, has returned with a beautiful new single, “The Forest”.

A stunning acoustic track supported by emotive backing vocals and keys, we hear the thoughtful, reflective lyricism which Geary is known for once again rise to the fore.


On writing “The Forest”, Geary says: “I woke up from a dream and there was a storm outside the window here in Pickering Forest. One of those real cinematic storms, with trees bending and lighting. I kept looking out at it all night and the thought occurred to
me that some nights there’s a tempest – whether it’s outside or in you. The day after,
I wrote the song in one burst. Writing about lonesomeness; writing about ‘my forest’;
writing about my childhood: my beautiful brother, my chaotic father. The refrain
‘come into the light – come into the light’ was like a mantra; like a release.”

The Forest” is out now on Spotify. You can also find out more about Mark and all he’s doing on his personal website, Facebook and Instagram.


Photo Credit: Mark Geary Facebook


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