Bleeding Heart Pigeons release enthralling new album, Stir

Today, May 22nd, is a day I’ve had marked in my mind for some time. It’s not just another Friday, the end of another workweek and the beginning of a chilled weekend. No, it’s new Bleeding Heart Pigeons album day, and it’s a great Friday to be alive.

The guys have been busy. They’ve hidden out in their converted studio in Limerick for the past few years, tediously creating their sophomore album, today’s release, Stir

BHP promo LANDSCAPE_lores

When their debut Is was released on Virgin Records in 2016, it was met with critical acclaim. However, they’ve left their big-label days behind them for the release of Stir, an album the band describe as consisting of “lush sonic sensibilities and existential lyrics with increasingly refined pop song-structures.” 

In the lead up to today the band released three singles: “All for the Best“, “Trapped” and “Real Connection” (video below). These singles proved an accurate taster of what was to come, with killer hooks and atmospheric electronics aplenty. 

The album’s consistency is to be admired as it isn’t defined by the single releases or just one or two songs (although “I Don’t Love You Anymore” and “Dig a Hole and Then, Fill It in Again” blow my mind). Instead, the music and songwriting is woven together into a singular body while still maintaining an experimental edge. 

Stir is one of the standout Irish releases in recent memory and has the makings of an enduring piece. It’s thoughtful, fun and most importantly, authentic. Bleeding Heart Pigeons have bowed down to no one, and on Stir they sound free. 

Head on over to the band’s Soundcloud and Spotify pages now to listen to Stir

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Photo/video credit: Bleeding Heart Pigeons

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