Show Me The Body-Dog Whistle

Do you suffer from the 3 o’clock slump? Do you also find one day slowly running into the next?

If you answered “Yes” to the questions above, Dog Whistle is for you. Comprising of 11 reinvigorating ingredients, Dog Whistle has the power to shake you free from the clutches of boredom and perpetual numbness. This powerful concoction, created by Show Me The Body, is suitable for all ages but should only be consumed by those willing to forfeit their mind for 28 minutes.

Dog Whistle’s first ingredient, “Camp Orchestra”, slowly introduces you to the elixir before you really begin to feel its effects. Coming in waves, “Camp Orchestra” manages to dish out several flavours within the first sip. “Not For Love” follows and brings with it a thicker texture. Rough at times yes, but enjoyable. Head-bang inducers “Badge Grabber”, “Forks And Knives” and “Madonna Rocket” are sure to shake you from slumber with their raw power. Snappy ingredients, their place within Dog Whistle creates an urge in the receiver to lose control momentarily, although Show Me The Body take no responsibility for your actions.

The two key ingredients, for me, are “Now I Know” and “Arcanum”, the latter of which has become a cure for my daily ailments. Both of these are capable of ridding you of idleness and boredom by jolting you into life. As their effect slowly takes hold, you’ll feel yourself giving into the demands of their influence. At this point, you may experience unusual thoughts.

Before writing this review I actually had a super-mini chat with Show Me The Body. I asked them if there was anything they would like me to mention regarding the album, to which they replied “Tellem to throw up the coffins!” Now, there ya go!

Please note: Side effects of Dog Whistle include head banging, twitching and unconventional thoughts. You have been warned.


Published by electricgene

30 (eek), Irish. I write the blog reclessreviews! Music is my passion, so I try to spread the word of all the music that passes my ears, be it good or bad (mostly good!). I also write short stories and poetry and post them on iwritethesethings.

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