Cruiser are a limerick band who’ve been releasing absolute belters for a few years now. Somehow, despite their volume, I’ve managed to miss out on them until recently. However, through the release of the single No More Parties they’ve become impossible to ignore. While No More Parties is a fantastic single, today we’re going to talk about their debut record Cruiser.

Released in 2017, Cruiser comes in at 36 minutes and brings with it a shoegaze/punk rock sound. They manage to remind us of a whole slew of bands, with Titus Andronicus (post The Airing of Grievances), Blink-182 and Sonic Youth (to a degree) among the most comparable.

Opening tracks “Parma” and “Spine” get straight to the point, exploding with energy and slick riffs. The pace keeps up for the following tracks, “A Note” and “Grownapart”, the latter of which honestly is f**king class. Even at this early stage it’s easy to hear that Cruiser have been careful to make sure every aspect of the record is on par with the next. While the music itself is high-quality, the lyrics also keep up, especially in “A Note”. This is refreshing because sometimes, not always of course, debut records by punk influenced bands can focus heavily on sound in trying to differentiate somewhat from the rest of the pack. Thankfully however, Cruiser have thought ahead!

With “Things We’ve Learnt” we hear Cruiser’s shoegaze influence come to the fore with a ripping guitar solo. “Special Method”, “Missing Limbs” and “Carthagenia” all come in under 3 minutes which, if you’re a punk rock fan, you can guess makes them speedy tracks. Another standout track, “Gram”, is a tribute to Gram Parsons that sees lead singer Ger Devine go for a Thursten Moore-esque poetic wander. In an interview with Overblown, Ger spoke about the track, saying “Musically it’s us at our most shoegaze-y and at the end it morphs into a poem I wrote for my better half because I had no other clue how to finish it.” Well, it turned out just perfect Ger!

The final track, “No More Parties in LK” sees a mini-chant come into fruition in the form of “Cruiser vs everyone!”; lyrics I’m sure fans have gladly belted out at live shows. By the end of Cruiser you’ll have found your new favourite band. It’s an exciting, blistering listen that at no point even thinks abut slowing down or falling into safety and routine. Thankfully, it doesn’t cruise along.

Check out Cruiser on Spotify here.

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