Mac DeMarco-2

Mac DeMarco’s ‘2′ is one of the most chilled albums I have. It sounds like he put minimal effort into it but still ended up with a pretty good record. Obviously, he put in the effort as it was his debut record but I’m just talking about the overall feel. This is the first DeMarcoContinue reading “Mac DeMarco-2”

Best Coast- Fade Away

I had only heard Best Coast’s debut, ‘Crazy For You’¬†because it somehow ended up on my laptop. I liked a few tracks off it like ‘Boyfriend’ and ‘I Want To’, and I dug the whole surf/dream pop thing. What stood out though were the lyrics, which I thought were as predictable as water being wet.Continue reading “Best Coast- Fade Away”

El Vy- Return To The Moon

When I heard about Matt Berninger and Brent Knopf’s new project El Vy, I couldn’t wait to hear what they would deliver. It was only when I heard about the project that I discovered Menomena, and their sound mixed with Berninger’s voice had the potential to be something special. I also knew it was probablyContinue reading “El Vy- Return To The Moon”