Stone Temple Pilots-Core

Core is the first album released by Stone Temple Pilots. Like many other hard rock bands such as Alice In Chains and Pearl Jam that came to prominence in the 90’s, STP had the hard rock sound, long hair, screaming vocals and drugs, except maybe they had a more consistent heavy grunge rock sound. YouContinue reading “Stone Temple Pilots-Core”

Teen Men-Teen Men

I like Teen Men. There, I said it. The first time I became aware of these guys was Electric Owl in Vancouver. They were supporting Clap Your Hands Say Yeah, and to be honest, they were ten times better than the headliners. They had a quirky Vampire Weekend feel to them, with every song being oneContinue reading “Teen Men-Teen Men”

The National: Boxer

  Boxer was the first National album I bought, in 2008. I had heard “Apartment Story” on The Last Broadcast, and thought it sounded something similar to Interpol, a band I adore. So off to the big city I went and picked up Boxer. Buying the album has lead me to pick up everything the NationalContinue reading “The National: Boxer”