Tom Waits – The Early Years Vol. 1

Tom Waits released ‘The Early Years Vol. 1’ in 1991 and ‘Vol. 2′ in 1993. The recordings of both albums were made in 1971, before Waits had released his debut album ‘Closing Time’ in 1973. Some of the tracks on these two albums did actually make it onto albums, but these early versions carry withContinue reading “Tom Waits – The Early Years Vol. 1”

Tom Waits-Closing Time

  This is going to be a hard one. Or very easy..this is one of my favourite albums of all time so I’m either going to wander into how much I love it or get mumbled along the way. Tom Waits debut ‘Closing Time’ is one of those perfectly aged yet never old albums aboutContinue reading “Tom Waits-Closing Time”