Elaine Malone releases hypnotising new single, ‘Nothing Is Real’

Cork-based singer-songwriter Elaine Malone has today released a new single, ‘Nothing Is Real’, and an accompanying music video.

This new single, out on Pizza Pizza Records, captures Malone’s unique and eclectic style, with touches of 90s grunge, shoegaze, country, and psych-rock aplenty. The multi-instrumentalist weaves together harmonium, guitar, percussion, and bass to create a soundscape that is both hypnotising and captivating.

Inspired by some of the most influential artists in music history, such as The Velvet Underground and Lee Hazlewood, Malone creates a sound that is hauntingly evocative and thrillingly inventive.

Nothing Is Real‘ is the first taste of music to come from Malone’s debut album which is slated for release later this year on Pizza Pizza Records.

For more on Elaine Malone’s music, visit her Instagram and Facebook pages.


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