VIDEO PREMIERE: Cork’s iona shares new single ‘empty’

Cork native and singer-songwriter iona will release her debut single ‘empty’ on streaming platforms this Friday. But you don’t have to wait until then…we have the music video right here.

A beautifully poised debut single, ‘empty’ explores a range of emotions and subjects. Written while in lockdown in Paris, iona opens up on her insecurities in her own skin and how feeding into these can be the easiest approach to finding a relationship. While the guitar plays on delicately, iona’s vocals are emotive and honest, placing the listener at the heart of the song.

Watch the EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE of ‘empty’ below.

Edited by Ebon Creedon, the music video features footage of iona’s native Cork alongside footage of the her ‘new life’ in the heart of Paris, bringing two widely separate worlds together. Choreography is by dancer Eoin McCaul.

‘empty’ drops this Friday on Spotify and while you’re here, be sure to give iona a follow over on Instagram.


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