Ali Comerford: Knots

Knots is the debut album by classically trained Kilkenny singer-songwriter Ali Comerford. With 13 tracks coming in at under 30 minutes, Comerford has somehow managed to create a record that nevertheless feels as though it was a lifetime in the making.

We’re big fans of Ali Comerford here at reclessreviews of course, having covered the releases of her album preceding singles. Those songs, ‘He Knows’, ‘Knots’ and ‘Come Home’, captured the range of talents Comerford possesses, from her truthful lyrics to ear for composition, for knowing exactly what instruments to pair with each story.

What we get on Knots as a whole are songs that at times seem completely stripped to the bone, yet layered and multifaceted. For example, on echoey opener ‘Don’t Wait’, Comerford shifts the song from sparse beginnings into a delicate, piano driven track that looks at relationships and their fragility. On ‘Understand’, Comerford keeps the lyrics to a minimum but still manages to communicate the emotions of the song’s forlorn narrator.

Knots also features the ‘America’ trilogy, songs in which Comerford explores her relationship with the country she called home for many years. Her time there saw her complete a Masters of Music in Viola Performance at the Manhattan School of Music and play the likes of New York’s Carnegie Hall.

Closing out Knots are songs ‘Warned’ and ‘Mess’. Comerford keeps the vocals fresh on ‘Warned’, but it’s the violin that truly captivates. On ‘Mess’, the narrator reflects on the breakdown of a relationship and the difficulty they experience in letting go.

Having listened to Knots over and over again, what struck me most was how Comerford managed to create an album that is rich and rewarding for the listener from start to finish. There are no wasted seconds, no dabbling or chance inclusions. Knots, as you will hear, is an album by an experienced and assured artist, while its songs are, well, waiting to be undone.

Album launch and more

Ali Comerford is playing an album launch gig in the Ballykeeffe Amphitheater in Kilkenny on July 30th and you can order tickets here.

To order your copy of Knots now, click here.

And for more info on your new favourite songstress, head over to Ali Comerford’s FacebookInstagram, and Spotify accounts.


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