Ali Comerford releases new single ahead of forthcoming debut album

Ali Comerford is set to release her debut album Knots on July 29th. Ahead of the big day, she’s graced us with yet another sumptuous single, ‘Come Home’.

In what is perhaps her most direct single musically to date, Comerford uses delicate guitar and haunting violin to powerful effect on ‘Come Home’. Her vocals also shift at key points, placing emphasis on particular lyrics while adding a wistful element to the song.

About ‘Come Home’ Comerford says, “I wrote this song with someone in mind, but really it’s for anyone who wants to return home but feels that they can’t because too much has happened or too much time has passed. It is a reminder that home will always be there for them. The lyrics are filled with a hopeful longing, “Your bed’s still made, Your place is all set” but as the song continues with the persistent plea of “Come home”, the message gets lost in a sea of turbulent strings.”

To find out more about Ali Comerford, head over to her FacebookInstagram, and Spotify accounts. To pre-order her debut album Knots, click here.


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