Shame return with absolute belter “Alphabet”

Shame, one of post-punk’s most promising bands in recent years, have returned with “Alphabet”, the first release off their upcoming second album.

Back in 2018, Shame released their critically acclaimed debut record, Songs of Praise. Purposeful, energetic and downright brilliant, Shame were an instant hit. An extensive and tiring tour followed, after which the band took a deserved break.

Fans have been anxiously awaiting a follow-up album since but now we can finally see it rearing its head beyond the horizon. “Alphabet”, released on a Thursday of all days, will have satisfied Shame fans as it retains the power and angst of Songs of Praise. Not only that, it sounds as if the boys have matured somewhat, moving on ever so slightly from the raw delivery of that debut.

Check out the video for “Alphabet” below.

Get the song over on Spotify and give Shame a follow on Facebook and Instagram too.


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