Gatton releases powerful new single “Soliloquy”

Hello friends and happy Friday! I’ve a new release by Gatton to share with you and I’ve a feeling you’ll love it. 

Soliloquy” is the Floridonian’s latest release and his third single of 2020. This time however, he’s brought on board the diverse talents of Wyn Starks, Jenna Bataller, Abigail Joy and Kennedy Brown, with each contributing their own flavour of pop vocals. 

gatton headshot

“Soliloquy” begins with a hopeful, sunny whistling tune and becomes an anthem for empathy and togetherness against lo-fi, piano-driven chords. Like many of Gatton’s singles, the song deals with issues such as personal relationships and self-awareness. Through the lyrics, Gatton and co. search for deeper meaning, finding it in themselves to be the difference, evident in the closing lyrics: 

“Perhaps imagination is not where we go to escape reality,

Maybe it’s where we bridge the gap between who we are and want to be.”

Of the song, Gatton says, “This song portrays melodies of light-heartedness with intentions for a summery vibe but with everything that has undertaken recently, it remains to cultivate the message that we are more the same than we are different. Yet sometimes a painful process, those differences are real and need to be acknowledged in order for us to grow.”

“Soliloquy” is available on Spotify now along with all of Gatton’s wonderful music. And for all things news and tour related, follow him on the little known social media channels Instagram and Twitter.


Photo credit: Gatton Instagram 

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