Bleeding Heart Pigeons release second single from upcoming album

Bleeding Heart Pigeons, a band I wish I had found all of seven years ago, have kindly released a new single for us to devour during isolation.

“Trapped” was released on May 1st and really only leaves you wishing their upcoming album Stir could be released right now. As the band put it, “Trapped” is an “intricate and layered synth-pop track with echoes of Caribou. We dance between notions of claustrophobia and yearned-for release throughout the track, before exploding into a cathartic crescendo.”

Trapped” is available on Spotify right now and, if the video to their previous release “Real Connection” wasn’t great, they’ve only gone and released a trippy VR video to accompany “Trapped” too.

Make sure to follow Bleeding Heart Pigeons on Facebook and Instagram so you don’t miss out on the release of Stir.


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