The Reverse: Which Way Out

The scary truth has once again been realised; Spotify knows what I want to listen to before I do. The data works, and I just have to accept it.

Late one night earlier this week, while working on another post, The Reverse’s Which Way Out appeared as a ‘New release for you’. I’d never heard of them before but I thought the minimalist album cover might lead to something, and it did!

So, I’d like tell you a little about these indie-rock Londoners and their new album, Which Way Out.

the reverse band

There’s a wonderful relationship between clarity and rawness (hear me out) from the beginning of Which Way Out. Think clarity in directness of theme, and rawness in sound and brutally honest lyricism. Think Marquee Moon meets Different Class…meets indie.

The band themselves describe the album’s influence as “the personal and the political with more than a little darkness but also plenty of humour.”

That influence is heard on every track, whether it’s relationship struggles in the title track or mentions of mortage repayments in “Crush My Chest With Your Hate”. In “Abstract Heart” we meet characters who have put their passions or goals on hold to raise families or pay the bills.

While most tracks are built on rock riffs, Which Way Out does dip into softer rock at times, particularly in the standout “A Vague Arrangement”, where bassist Teresa Kelly joins on lead vocals to form in a duet. Listen closely to the lyrics here, they’re beautiful. For fans of Wussy out there, this one’s for you.

Tracks “Kill Us All”, “The Day Before We Die” and “The Stars Were a Mess” see The Reverse up the ante while continuing to deconstruct life’s ups and downs.

What’s most impressive about Which Way Out is what I mentioned earlier, the correlation between clarity and rawness. At times, it’s as humorous as Britpop once was, at others, it’s a hard to swallow overview of adult life.

Which Way Out is an an album that might appeal more to an older audience or those who have been through a certain kind of midlife experience. Not that it’s inaccessable to 18 year-old club goers, I just don’t think they’ll be playing it ahead of Ibiza Classic Remixes.

For all The Reverse music and news, check out their website and listen in on Spotify.


Photo Credit: The Reverse

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