MUNKY are back with a brand new banger!

Like a magician about to pull back the cloak or a bag of Haribo Star Mix, you just never know what you’re going to get with MUNKY.

One of the more diverse (and fun) bands on the Irish music scene right now, MUNKY have been nothing but unpredictable in their short existence. And now they’re back with…

“Megaton” dun dun dun! (insert high-pitched screams).

Out today, “Megaton” comes at you with all the ferocity we’ve come to expect from MUNKY. It’s easy to understand why when the band themselves had this to say about the song, “We threw any semblance of music theory out the window, and just wrote what felt was right.” So yeah…

Check out “Megaton” on Spotify and while you’re there, give the guys a follow.

MUNKY headline Lost Lane on October 13th, with tickets available through Ticketmaster. The guys also broadcast live from the studio last Sunday, and you can check out the set below!


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