There’s no ignoring Skinner’s new single

The Irish music scene has been flourishing of late, with many of our homegrown, DIY bands even making it on the international stage.

Almost every week now we hear of another act coming through that “you just have to hear!” Some stand out more than others.

And that’s where Skinner find themselves. Having only released one single before today – “Headroom” – they’ve no less managed to find themselves playing the likes of The Workman’s Club and supporting other Irish bands such as MUNKY.

With new single “Slouch”, they’re going to have to get used to the late nights. This new release reminds me of proper alt/noise rock that often doesn’t seem to know where it’s going itself. It’s loud but not deafening, perfectly put together but not pampered, and 100% ready for the airwaves.

I can’t recommend “Slouch”, and Skinner, enough!

Hear Skinner’s new single “Slouch” on Spotify right here.


Published by Gene

Irish dude who loves all things music. Can be found front row at gigs and in record shops.

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