The Claque-Hush

One of the most exciting Irish bands to hit the airwaves this year, The Claque, recently released their debut single Hush on Any Other City Records.

The Claque are made up of Alan Duggan (Girl Band), Kate Brady and Paddy Ormond (Postcard Versions). Hush contains two songs: “Hush” and “Stray”. Both of these singles draw on the influences of each member, with their distorted and harsh guitar sound made approachable by Brady’s vocals.

What’s apparent after listening to Hush is that The Claque have come prepared. Both songs are polished and complete and could stand alone as singles if they had to. There seems to be no lack of confidence in each other as the three members blend together to form 8 minutes of alternative magic.

You can find Hush on Spofity and online at Any Other City Records. The Claque also play All Together Now this summer alongside many of Ireland’s brilliant new acts.

Published by Gene

Irish dude who loves all things music. Can be found front row at gigs and in record shops.

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