David Keenan-Evidence of Living

(Sigh) What a shame it is this EP has to end after 23 minutes. What a shame that all of David Keenan’s EPs released over the last two years have ended too soon. While each release offers proof of his outstanding talent, Evidence of Living gives us a complete collection of songs that bind all that has come before it together. The most surprising thing for me regarding this EP and Keenan in general is how he has managed to go under the radar for so long. Of course, he is still in the early stages of his career, but his ability to write these fantastic stories deserves to be brought to the attention of a larger audience. That being said, he is going to be playing some shows here and in the UK soon that I’m sure will raise his profile.

While his distinctive voice and poetic lyricism could have carried him through 12 tracks (never mind 4), Keenan doesn’t just rely on those two strengths to get him through this EP. Instead, his music also carries with it stories doused in personal experience, catchy arrangements and a patience that shows how carefully he constructs his songs. From the beautifully delicate and reflective “Keep The Peace, Prepare For War” to the energetic “Two Kids”, a recently released single, Keenan uses every breath to take us on a journey. None of these songs pass you by because each has a story that draws you in until you become a character in its story. For 4 tracks, this EP is incredibly captivating.

With Evidence of Living David Keenan can be confident that he’s on the right road. While it might not be littered with bright flashing lights just yet, he’s certainly heading in the right direction.


Published by Gene

Irish dude who loves all things music. Can be found front row at gigs and in record shops.

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