Superorangism are something of a super modern, multinational, internet loving indie-pop wonder. Their 8 members range in age from 17 to 32 and come from England, Japan, Australia, New Zealand and South Korea. Orono Noguchi, the groups lead singer, originally interacted with the rest of the group over Skype and added vocals to songs that were sent on via email. The songs were pieced together from all over the world before the group finally came together to live in London. Not your typical band background story but Superorganism are no ordinary group.

Their debut record, ‘Superorganism‘ is no different. It’s weird, fun and it also fully represents the possibilities of genre jumping in 2018. It reminds me of MGMT and their record, ‘Oracular Spectacular’, which people were a little taken aback by at the time. The singles released from the record over the last year tested the waters in terms of reception and it was largely positive. The danger with the first single, ‘Something for Your M.I.N.D’, was that its sound could have diminished over the course of a year and become annoying. However, when heard in the confines of a ten track multi-genre record, it fits in as handy as a pocket in a shirt. Surrounding the leading single are nine catchy, radio friendly, strange pop tracks. Beginning with ‘It’s All Good’ which features an intro from Tony Robbins, and finishing with ‘Night Time’, there’s nothing predictable about this record. There’s such a variety that there’s simply no way that you wouldn’t find one track that meets your taste. ‘It’s All Good’ comes at you with deep bass and a decent guitar riff. It’s a good introduction to what the record is. From there to ‘Reflection on the Screen’, Superorganism include a range of sound effects such as cash registers and lasers before finally landing on a much more structured tune. The catchy ‘SPRORGNSM’ follows with the use of hip-hop beats and an arena happy chorus. Another track that stands out in the midst of internet/meme themed madness is ‘Nai’s March’. You kinda just have to listen to it because it’s hard to explain. There’s some sort of distorted baby language playing over the sound of a heartbeat and that’s about as well as I can describe it. The final track, ‘Night Time’ is possible the most pacy on the record. Traffic sounds, whispers and a late night tale see’s us out in a more ‘caring’ way than you might expect.

The eclectic sound and choice of topics on the record are what drive it. I’m not sure I’ve heard a record like this before. One minute you’re floating through space and the next your in someones phone. It’s actually really refreshing! So, if you’re in the market for something completely different give ‘Superorganism’ a go.



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