The Gloaming-National Concert Hall 6.3.18

This was a gig I couldn’t wait to see. I got the tickets the day they came out and I was lucky to be one of the first because it sold out in under 2 hours. The wait was long but it was so worth it. I’ve a few shows lined up this year but this one in particular stood out. A super-group who are redefining trad and that come together for only a few shows each year. What better way to spend a Tuesday evening eh?


The National Concert Hall. What a venue it is with its grand decor and incredible atmosphere. This was my second gig here as I had seen Warpaint back in 2016 and what was really special about that night was the sound. Everything was perfect and last Tuesday it was no different. No better music to fill the hall than that of The Gloaming then who filled used every inch of it to their benefit.

Main Act

A hell of a show that lasted two hours. The unique thing about this show was that The Gloaming played as if it were just a typical set, going off in tangents and letting the music take them where ever it wanted. So, they would start with a tune such as ‘The Sailor’s Bonnet’ and once the song had ended, one of them would just feel a rhythm and the rest would join in. ‘Allistrum’s March’, ‘The Necklace of Wrens’, ‘Samhradh Samhradh, ‘The Pilgrims Song’, you name it, they played it. Each tune was even better than that on the record, full of passion and energy.

The voice of Iarla O Lionaird is everything you’d imagine it would be. It’s incredibly emotive, engaging and enthralling and every note that he sang was eaten up by the ears of everyone in the audience.


Incredible. Pitch Perfect. Better than the movie.


It’s a shame they only play a few shows each year but they next time they come back I’ll be first in line for a ticket. Incredible performers who are truly passionate about their trade.


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