Laura Ann Brady-Lie

Laura Ann Brady is one of Ireland’s most refreshing talents and funnily enough, an old friend. I’ve picked up on her music recently again and I’d like to talk about her new release, ‘Lie’. I’ve had it on repeat lately and I’m telling you about it because you simply have to take 6 little minutes out of your day to have a listen. A haunting yet beautiful track that slowly builds, showcasing Laura’s many talents. I recently spoke with Laura and asked her about the meaning of the song and video. Here’s what she had to say, “Lie is about the difficulties I faced in trying to be different versions of myself for different people in my life, and by doing so, losing my real identity. The song and video aim to convey a coming to terms with and relinquishing of the need to be anything but oneself, and a facing up self acceptance despite it being difficult or ugly”. 

With her album, ‘World Beneath The Waves’, on the way I’m sure the future is exciting one for her. The video for ‘Lie’ is below and be sure to keep an eye out for her shows and her music on her Facebook page , Soundcloud or Spotify. You’re welcome.



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