Footloose-Footloose Soundtrack


Don’t be hatin’. I know you love this film too. Kevin Bacon getting down in that factory made you wish you could dance. If Willard can do it so can you! The ‘Footloose Soundtrack’ is one of my favourites along with ‘Dirty Dancing’ and ‘Into The Wild‘. This soundtrack is simply one of the best and it’s sold over 9 million copies in the US! Kenny Loggins did the title track and it spent 3 weeks at number one. He was on fire in the 80’s too though. The soundtrack itself was magic from the minute it landed.

Just look at the tracks. ‘Waiting For A Girl Like You’, ‘Footloose’, ‘Holding Out For A Hero’ and ‘Hurts So Good’. And that’s only half the album! This has the 80’s written all over it. Every track is soaked in nostalgia. For any of the 80’s babies readers I’m sorrynotsorry. Foreigner had obviously released ‘Waiting For A Girl Like You’ a few years earlier but it fit this album nonetheless. Another thing is that a lot of the tracks written for the album have gone on to become 80’s nights standards. I doubt hitting the nail on the head when it comes to creating an appropriate soundtrack is easy but they certainly did it with Footloose.  If you listened to the soundtrack without seeing the film you could take a pretty good guess as to what kind of film it would be. Fun, young and wild.

While listening to the album you kind of get that “aww yaa” buzz when the next track comes on, because it’s just as catchy as the last. ‘Dancing In The Sheets’ and ‘Bang Your Head’ are the only 2 tracks that I MIGHT pass, but the album is pretty much the real deal when it comes to being ‘complete’. You might love those 2 tracks, so my lack of interest in them doesn’t mean they’re bad. I just prefer the next track. Taste plays a big part too when listen to an album or when I review it, I might not be into a certain sound at that time and perhaps the review can be swayed.

The ‘Footloose Soundtrack‘ and the film itself are absolute belters. Take a trip back in time some night if you haven’t see it. By the way, ignore that 2011 remake. How dare those bastards remake a fucking classic.



Photo Credit: omggalway

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