Ryan Adams: Demolition

Thinking some of suicide, but there’s bars out here for miles‘.

Listening to this for the first time in about 8 years and its better than I remember. You know those albums you just don’t get when you’re young, songs you think could have been better, lyrics you think are silly. Maybe you just didn’t listen closely enough. Today I understand this album much more, what he was going for and saying in these songs and how he changed from deep to country to rock throughout the album.

An album Adams says he doesn’t care for, full of tracks thrown together from shelved albums. Obviously he knows his own music and what he’s talking about, but from the outside the album doesn’t sound so bad. In fact I think its very good. Songs such as “Desire” and “Dear Chicago” could have lit up some of Adams ‘better’ albums, but they fit in Demolition as handy as a pocket in a shirt.

There are more ‘quiet’ songs than rock songs on this album, which kind of gives it the feeling of a compilation album. “She Wants To Play Hearts”, “Tomorrow” and “Cry On Demand” are the other stand out tracks for me in terms of quiet songs. They’re very well written, and with some backing vocals included on “Tomorrow”, Adams adds that last ingredient that the album might have needed. Carrie Hamilton helps give the song that softer touch, as they sing ‘my baby’s going home’, it helps to show what it means to both people.

My favorite rock song off the album is “Starting To Hurt”. Good bass line, not too many complicated lyrics and a good scream from Adams towards the end. It suits the middle of the album well and sort of jolts you back from listening to some softer songs.

Overall, this album is very good right through. No need to skip any tracks or feel like its going nowhere. There’s a song for every situation, and perfect to stick on for a Sunday drive. Despite Adams feeling like this album isn’t up to scratch, I’d have to say its still worth splashing €10 on.

Solid effort, some flaws, but worth giving it a go.


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