Lonesome George release new single, ‘The Lying Devil’

Lonesome George are a Belfast trad/folk four-piece and today they’ve released their new single, ‘The Lying Devil’.

Using low whistle, mandolin, bodhrán and guitar, ‘The Lying Devil’ fuses a meditative and calming sound with insightful lyrics to examine the nature of belief in modern Ireland. Their traditional roots come to the fore midway, beautifully leading the song home.

Songwriter Myles McCormack says the song was “…born out of frustration with the church’s influence in the country. The song expresses a common philosophy among younger generations, of atheism or disillusionment.”

Oh, and in case you’re wondering about the name, the band had this to say. “We imagine him (Lonesome George, the last Pinta Island tortoise) to be a kindred spirit. He is a proud, majestic creature, gentle yet strong, hardy, and a survivor. In honour of him and all other survivors, we celebrate the symbols which represent a grassroots struggle against global capitalism and the destruction of this beautiful Earth by the forces of profit!”

To find out what Lonesome George get up to on the daily, check out their Instagram and Facebook pages. Their music is also available on their website and Spotify.


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