Indolore: After the Rain

After the Rain is the new album by singer-songwriter Indolore. His second effort, After the Rain is an album for any listener, perfectly geared towards looking forward rather than looking back.

With its core folk sound, After the Rain blends in elements of pop and jazz. However, there’s also room for a hint of reggae, woven into opening track ‘Let the Sun Come’. Of course, when listening to the album, you’ll hear a wide range of instruments, most of which are played by Indolore himself, including guitar, synth, keyboard, and sax.

The songs of After the Rain come to life through Indolore’s involving storytelling. We’re told about new friendships, finding love, and the importance of believing that the future offers hope no matter the present. Each song is punctuated by both subtle and captivating infusions of sound, whether that’s the piano intro of ‘Alicia Stone’ or the sultry sax of ‘Naive in Love’. Other times it’s backing vocals that bring a song to life, such as ‘Star in My Life’.

Discussing the purpose of After the Rain, Indolore said, “I thought the pandemic would bring me down, but it didn’t. I thought this rain would ruin my projects, but it didn’t. It put me on pause. It made me think about what matters most. It brought me back on track. It should have brought me fear, but it gave me hope. And I want to share it through this music. To my loved ones, to everyone, see you after the rain.”

As Indolore mentioned, the intention of After the Rain is to offer hope. With “the rain” finally beginning to clear, After the Rain might just be the soundtrack to play us into a brighter day.

More on Indolore and his music can be found on his website, Spotify, and Instagram.


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