nicha dazzles on new single ‘saltwater song’

With subtle hints of electronica, elements of folk, and a strong essence of soft-rock, Co. Down native nicha once again showcases her gift for genre blending on her new single ‘saltwater song’.

Picking up where her last critically acclaimed single ‘little bird’ left off, nicha has created a song that is “liberating and empowering.” The lyrics are clever and captivating, the sound is subtle and unique, and with a voice like nicha’s, the track is instantly unforgettable.

Watch the video for ‘saltwater song’ below.

Speaking about the song’s meaning, nicha said “It tells the story of someone who is struggling to overcome personal issues such as a bad relationship, addiction or an unhealthy habit. Weighted by these issues they are unable to become their best self or reach their full potential. The lyrics of ‘saltwater song’ express the passing of time and the fear of being swept up in distraction and forgetting where you are meant to be going. The music reflects this as well through a wash of melodies and dreamy instrumentals.”

More information about nicha can be found on her website as well as Instagram and Facebook.

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