boygenius are an indie trio who are also somewhat of a “supergroup”. The group is made up of Julien Baker, Phoebe Bridgers and Lucy Dacus. These 3 young musicians have all released critically acclaimed albums over the last 3 years and by coming together they’ve created something special. They came to my attention from one of Pitchfork’s excellent reviews, one I could never match and is also worth a read. Of the 3 band members, I know of Baker’s and Bridgers’ solo records, while admittedly I don’t know too much about Dacus. That will change though going on how good this 21 minute EP is!

The opening track “Bite The Hand” sets the tone for the record. It’s Lucy Dacus’ song really but she’s joined by the backing duo of Baker and Bridgers. I can’t love you how you want me too Dacus sings as her guitar grows louder as the song goes on. “Me & My Dog” is a fantastic song that might remind you of the kind of music you would have listened to in your youth because of its lyrics, and one that you might feel takes you back. Baker’s opening verse in the acoustic “Souvenir” manages to tell an entire story in just a few lines, highlighting abilities that have brought her massive attention over the last few years.

“Stay Down” is a fantastic folk-rock song that’s all about Baker’s vocals, while “Salt In The Wound” brings us back around to the sound of the first track, with the trio coming together to belt out a banger. The closing track “Ketchum, ID” is an absolutely brilliant ballad where the trio long to move to a wonderful town in Idaho. Check out the lyrics to this one, it’s worth it.

I’ve listened to this EP too many times to remember and I’m still not over it. I highly recommend giving it a listen and also checking out the individual artists. Enjoy!


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