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Seeing as how I never get the chance to pick up records anymore I’m going to do some quick reviews on tracks and records that I’ve been listening to on Spotify. To get the ball rolling, I’m going to start with Gang of Four’s post-punk classic, ‘Entertainment’.

Formed in 1977 in Leeds, Gang of Four released ‘Entertainment’ in 1979 and it peaked at No. 45 that year. The single ‘At Home He’s a Tourist'(a classic), peaked at No.58 but ‘Damaged Goods’ beat it by going to No. 39 when it was released in 1980. Many well known artists cite this record as a classic, such as Flea of the Red Hot Chili Peppers who said it changed the way he looked at rock music. Kurt Cobin also listed it in his Top 50 favourite records.

In terms of content, the record fuses a punk sound with other genres such as dance and funk. Due to the timing and interests of the band at the time, the lyrics focused on current affairs and politics. Stand out tracks go from numbers 1 to 12  because this record is flawless and each track seems to challenge the next. This record is definitely worth a going over, even if punk and post-punk ain’t your thang.


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