Run The Jewels-Dublin 30.03.17

Run The Jewels ran the show on Thursday the 30th of March. When they announced a European Tour I made it my number 1 gig priority to see them. €46 was the damage but if it was €46,666,666 I still would have paid it. Well, maybe not, but you get my point. I REALLY wanted to see them.


The show was held at The Olympia Theatre in Dublin on Dame St. I love the Olympia and I’ve previously seen The National, Interpol, Editors amongst others there. It’s always a great venue and there is an aura about the place. It opened in 1879 and apart from a restoration in the 1970’s, it has remained the same. Obviously it’s gotten a lick of paint since, but the atmosphere in there is hard to replicate in any other venue. It’s capacity is 1,600, and last Thursday night, each on of us were treated to a hell of a show.


Possibly the best support act I’ve seen. The Gaslamp Killer tore up the stage with the most imaginative and wild performance I’ve seen from a support act. He was just so in the music, which was all over the fucking place to be honest. Mostly noise with one beat you could find, which somehow made it sound pretty good. It was just a DJ set but the importance of a good support act was proven with this guy. He got a massive send off and everyone was hyped up for the main act.


The main act. The guys came out to ‘We Are The Champions’ by Queen and started to dance around. Everyone sang along before a massive round of applause. The first track was ‘Legend Has It’ perfectly performed with the kind of on stage chemistry I had heard about. When the opportunity came, everyone chanted ‘RTJ‘, before they started into the final verse. EL-P had a little build up to ‘Oh My Darling Don’t Cry’ with a story about buying us all a present. Then when it started, all 1,603 people sang along to ‘Fuck the law they can eat my dick that’s word to pimp‘. It’s one of my favourite RTJ tracks so I was all smiles it went so well. They did ‘Nobody Speak’, the track they did with DJ Shadow. They did the dirty ‘Love Again’ which was hilarious because everyone was singing ‘dick in her mouth all day‘. The security guys were all about 50 or 60 and I’d say they hadn’t a clue what was going on! But it was gas!

‘Panther Like A Panther’ is my favourite track off RTJ3 and in the lead up EL-P told a story of how he was leaving RTJ to start his poetry career. Everyone booed. Then he said here’s my first poem, and stated into Panther ‘I flood the speakers with heat seekers….’. They played ‘Close Your Eyes’, ‘Blockbuster Night Part 1’, ‘Lie, Cheat, Steal’ and ‘All Due Respect’ off RTJ2 and I think just ‘Run The Jewels’ off RTJ1. Most of the set-list was made up of the new record and they mixed the songs together well.

The guys professed throughout the show of the love for Ireland and how they always get a great reception over here. That part was true based on the crowd that night, everyone was going wild and chanted RTJ after most songs, which the guys could only laugh about. They even threw back a few pints during the show, and also commented on the quality of weed here. That though, that might be a lie. Ahem.


Bang on. Not the most outrageous lighting I’ve seen but certainly enough for the show and venue. I was in the circle(seating) and I saw every move, heard every word and every beat. The venue is small enough so it would have been hard for them to get it wrong. Everything was clear so ya, very good.


Unreal. Not just a great gig but an experience too. Everyone was on the same buzz, and the guys didn’t neglect anyone, whether you were front row or up top stuck in the back. Hopefully they play Dublin again if there’s another album, and I will definitely be getting myself a ticket! If they come to your town/city, get in line!



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