I fucking love this one so I do. From “Intro to “Stars, it’s a beauty. The minimalist sound is something that always catches my ear because you hear every detail, the lyrics and the sound. It reminded me of Televisions “Marquee Moon” in its sound, un-scratched and crystal clear. This was such a ghostly and honest sounding record that the first time I heard it I thought it was my favorite record to date. But then I remember Turn On The Bright Lights...”Maybe I had said, something that was wrong”!

An excellent album full of excellent songs, all bearing a similar sound, but not in a bad way. VCR and “Crystalised are obviously 2 of the best know songs from the album. The catchy simple guitar and drums on “VCR” are what make the song for me. Great lyrics too, switching back and forth from Romy to Oliver, who compliment each other perfectly not only because their voices and tones, but because the way they describe each others views. Similar to the album closer “Stars”, both Romy and Olivers characters share their differing view, yet both wanting the same thing.

“Islands” is another brilliant tune, and quicker track, employing a little more of everything. They brought all their tools together and built a beauty. Another track I love is “Shelter because the vocals are excellent. Not to forget “Heart Skipped A Beat” either, which was the first song from the album that I had on repeat.

The theme of not giving it up, or it not happening on the first night runs through the album and is done well, more pop music comes straight out with it, practically throwing it at you. The darkness of the album, and how genuine it sounds made it an incredible effort as a debut album. Listening to it now, 7 years later, I think it has retained its originality, as I can’t really think of another album to match it. They carved out a sound for themselves, and I can’t wait to hear their upcoming third effort.

Excellent effort.


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